This page features a range of technical articles and reports, eupdated on a daily basis, relating to the sheet metal, machine welding and boiler making industry.

Whether you are a subcontracted sheet metal worker, or a manufacturer of your own products, you will find technical information about different technologies and production processes, such as: cutting (laser, punching, water jet, plasma, oxycutting, etc.), finishing by deburring and brushing, bending, rolling, assembly and mounting technologies, surface treatment and painting, integration of mechanical or electronic components, automation of production processes, software for production and management, Industry 4.0, and much more.

Prime manufacturers subcontracting the sheet metal process; and sometimes more: you will find several reports and technical articles, just for you, providing valuable assistance for your purchasing process of sheet metal parts or assemblies.

Manufacturers, editors, dealers of machinery, tools, software or consumables in the sheet metal industry: this platform of technical articles can help you better tackle industry challenges and share your solutions to meet them.

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